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Fuel Oil
Automatic Delivery
We will determine how often you need oil or propane and make scheduled deliveries to your home or business. You can be assured that an ample supply will be maintained, and you will not have to worry about running out. You never need to worry about running out of fuel oil or checking your tank. Automatic delivery uses a degree day forecasting system along with your past usage history to ensure that your fuel is there when you need it. Worry free. Should you prefer to personally monitor your own inventory and not receive deliveries on a schedule, you may simply call when you need a delivery.
Pre-Pay Plans
Our pre-pay plan is for customers who prefer to lock in their fuel costs at a designated price per gallon. During this time you will be paying for the fuel in advance at a fixed price on the amount of gallons you choose to order.
Budget Plans
We offer a budget plan to make fuel bills easier on you. Winter temperatures can vary and no one can predict what the weather may bring each year. Throughout the year fuel prices may fluctuate. Our budget plan is designed to help you spread your heating cost over the year. This allows you to pay smaller predictable payments.