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Fuel Oil, Gasoline, Diesel & Propane
Propane is the preferred energy solution for more and more homeowners. Propane is safe, clean burning and non-toxic and burns with 98% efficiency. Propane has a remarkable safety record, due to stringent codes and regulations set forth by the propane industry. The savings are significant over electricity and natural gas. Utilizing propane as your major energy source can save you as much as half off your overall energy bill over electricity. Propane is very versatile; it can be used for heating, water heaters, clothes dryers, space heaters, lighting, fireplaces, grills, generators and to heat your pool. Propane heating systems offer the ultimate in heating comfort and energy efficiency.

Fuel oil is a commonly used fuel for residential warm air furnaces and water boilers. Heating oil is a petroleum based product and is a clean, efficient fuel.

Red dyed and clear kerosene are often used for furnaces in mobile homes and in monitor heaters. This product has a heating value of 130000 BTUs per gallon.

Diesel fuel is available in both clear ultra low sulfur for on-road use and dyed ultra low sulfur for farming and off-road use.
Gasoline is available for delivery from regular 87 octane, plus 89 octane and super 92/93 octane.  We also offer plus 89 octane non-ethanol gasoline.
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Martin, Thank you for your sincere interest in making sure I was cozy and warm. No one but you would come out on a holiday and check on an old lady. Of course, I know, the fire departments have trained you to "respond when needed"; regardless of weather, time or family-life for free. I truly appreciate your concern and service. Thanks loads
J. Newcomb