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Fuel Oil & Propane Testimonials

B. Wheatley

Mr. Pepper, Just wanted to take a moment to personally thank you for coming out on Christmas Eve to fix our furnace. I was very hesitant to call but our guests included our granddaughter who is less than 2 years old. My daughter persuaded me to call thinking you would come in the morning. We were so surprised when you answered so quickly and came out, not once, but twice to get us heat and hot water. You were most certainly our Christmas Angel and we were so very grateful. Only in small-town America would people be so kind and generous. Thank you again.

B. A. Bolino

Dear Mr. Pepper: I have been your customer since I bought my home in Cambridge. That was four years ago this month. Over that time period you have delivered oil, serviced my old boiler, installed my new boiler, and most recently replaced my oil tank. Along the way you have run a few service calls usually at odd hours. Every time we called one of your techs called back within 30 minutes whether it was noon or midnight. Everyone that showed up knew what he was doing, was polite, efficient and could not have been nicer. By the way, on this one I don't impress very easily. I am the President of the service division of one of the largest mechanical contracting firms in the country and I have 40 HVAC service technicians and between 20 and 40 plumbers and pipefitters working for me. We think we are pretty good at what we do and give pretty good service. I wish we gave as good a service as you guys do. Your people are just terrific. Thank you for your always great service. Very truly yours

J. Newcomb

Martin, Thank you for your sincere interest in making sure I was cozy and warm. No one but you would come out on a holiday and check on an old lady. Of course, I know, the fire departments have trained you to "respond when needed"; regardless of weather, time or family-life for free. I truly appreciate your concern and service. Thanks loads