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Fuel Oil & Propane

Propane is the preferred energy solution for more and more homeowners. Propane is safe, clean burning and non-toxic and burns with 98% efficiency. Propane has a remarkable safety record, due to stringent codes and regulations set forth by the propane industry. The savings are significant over electricity and natural gas. Utilizing propane as your major energy source can save you as much as half off your overall energy bill over electricity. Propane is very versatile; it can be used for heating, water heaters, clothes dryers, space heaters, lighting, fireplaces, grills, generators and to heat your pool. Propane heating systems offer the ultimate in heating comfort and energy efficiency.

HVAC Service & Equipment

The focus at Pep-Up, Inc. for complete satisfaction on every job means we believe in offering products that we know will give our customers the performance and reliability we would require for our own homes.

Deli & 24 Hour Gas

Pep-Up offers a variety of services at our locations. Our subs are known around the Mid Atlantic area and possibly beyond. We have heard stories from customers taking them home hours away. Many times, they are prepared for school trips, fishing trips and many other outings. Our stores have motor oil, window fluid, DEF fluid and many other associated products. 24-hour fleet fueling accounts are available with our own proprietary card.


Pep-Up Inc. is now offering Ethanol Free Gasoline. Please contact your local office for more information! 
Pep Up, Inc. is now offering a customer portal.  In the portal, you can order deliveries and service, pay invoices and view your account.  Log into and select the yellow customer portal tab.  You will need the follow...