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Propane Services

Propane Tanks for Sale

We carry several different propane tank sizes for whatever you may need:
  • 20lb- 4.7 gallons
  • 200lb-47 gallons
  • 420lb- 100 gallons
  • 120 gallons
  • 250 gallons
  • 330 gallons
  • 500 gallons
  • 1000 gallons

Boiler and Furnace Service

When your heater needs repairing, Pep-Up Inc. can help there too. We know how inconvenient it can be when your furnace stops working, especially during the holidays or when the family is in town. We'll come service and repair your furnace when you have an emergency, even on holidays for regular customers. With Pep-Up Inc. you are our number one concern.
We even offer special Preventive Maintenance Heating System Check-ups in the summer to prolong the lifespan of your heating system. Keeping your heating system well-maintained can lower your energy bills and repair costs when winter rolls around. Why not let Pep-Up Inc. help make that possible?
Contact us when you need propane in Georgetown DE or Delmarva. See for yourself why our remarkable and dependable service is the best around.

Tanks Sales & Installation

Hi, When you find the perfect size propane tank, our service team will come install it for your home or business. We do both above ground and underground installations. Our propane tank delivery and installation is fast and effective, all while keeping to the proper installation code.
Or if you already have a propane tank installed, let Pep-Up Inc. come and help refill it for you!

Propane Heater Sales & Installation

Pep-Up Inc. also sells an assortment of tankless water heaters and gas heaters. Our team will install these for your home or business as well.
Not sure what you want installed or where? Let our technicians come to help you pick the perfect propane solution for your business or home. Our years of experience in selling and installing propane gas tanks and heaters make us the ideal experts for finding that best fit for each customer.